Our Proven Strategy will get your scores in to the 700’s in 7 rounds or less!!  



We will work with the credit bureaus to challange the negative information on your credit report that is impacting your score. It is our job to make sure that every item on your credit report is completely accurate and truthfully reflects your credit history.




You will be assigned to an experienced credit analyst who will cater to your personal credit goals.  On a monthly basis, you will be able to meet with your credit analyst to discuss your progress and stay on track.




This innovative program combines state-of-the-art tools and resources with an education approach. This program will position you to achieve your credit goals and maintain a healthy credit score for a lifetime!


If you have had the pleasure of knowing Bonita Grant then you know the true meaning of a good person and a great friend!! For those of you who are trying to  get you credit in order look no further only Bonita can take you from No  Score to 700's and also teach you to be responsible with your credit all at  the same time. Please check her out at Cure My Credit Scores. Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you!!!

Lisa Larson

With all that's going on in my life, I received awesome news from Bonita Grant , our credit analyst > extraordinaire that within the 2 months that she's been working with Steve  and I our credit score has soared a total of 322 pts!! 217 pts for me, and  105 pts for Steve. Home ownership has been a dream for our family and now we  can see it on the horizon!!! Bonita you're heaven sent continue being the light that guides people to  their financial freedom

James WatsonSenior Manager

Bonita Grant is the truth! Her services is currently helping me repair my credit and it's truly a blessing! I just went from having 21 out of 26 negative credit accounts removed from my credit... I know your thinking damn Zahirah but*💩* and life happens! Anyway I went to having no credit/bad credit to getting a 1k credit line in less than 30days people! Her results are amazing and this is my testimony! Give thanks... So if you know anyone that
needs credit repair please reach out to her this woman is on it!

Chris DoeStartup SEO

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